[Asp .Net MVC] Entity framework database first with MySQL database

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Posted by : Duran Hsieh 2016-04-24


本篇提供使用Entity framework,資料來源為MySQL的使用者參考。

Visual studio 2015 community
MySQL 5.6.25-log


1.Insatll Download MySQL for Visual Studio
2.Install Download Connector/Net
3.Setting on Visual studio

重要:一定要先安裝Download MySQL for Visual Studio,再安裝Download Connector/Net
Impotrtant: Always install the MySQL for Visual Studio before installing MySQL Connector/Net.

Insatll Download MySQL for Visual Studio

下載 MySQL Installer,選擇安裝 MySQL for Visual Studio

直接下載 MySQL for Visual Studio

You can download MySQL Installer, select and install MySQL for Visual Studio
directly download and install MySQL for Visual Studio

Step.1 開啟 MySQL Installer ,進行下載安裝程式。
           Open MySQL Installer and download installer

Step.2  點選安裝程式進行安裝
            Click Installer and install

Step.3 安裝中

Step.4  關閉相關程式
            Close related application

Step.5  點選下一步
            Click Next

Step.6  選擇MySQL for Visual 1.2.6 後點下一步,點選執行
             Select MySQL for Visual 1.2.6, Click Next, then click excute

Step.7 安裝中

After installing MySQL for Visual Studio, We need to install Connector/Net

Install Download Connector/Net

Step.1 開啟 Connector/Net ,進行下載安裝程式。
           Open Connector/Net and download installer

Step.2  點選安裝程式進行安裝
            Click Installer and install

Step.3  點選執行
             Click Excute

Step.4  點選下一步
            Click Next

Step.5  點選Typical
            Click Typical

Step.6  點選Install
            Click Install

Step.7  選擇Visual Studio 2015
            Select Visual Studio 2015

Step.8  安裝完成

Setting on Visual studio

Step 1.開啟Visual Studio 2015, 選擇 File -> New -> Project 
           Open Visual Studio 2015, Select File -> New -> Project 

Step 2.選擇 ASP.NET Web Application, 輸入專案名稱
           Select  ASP.NET Web Application, Enter name: MySQLTest

Step 3.選擇 MVC
           Select  MVC

Step 4.右鍵點選References -> Add reference
            Right Click References -> Add reference

Step 6. 開啟Web.config, 找到,更改成下列設定:
            Open Web.config, find and update as below:

Step 6. 瀏覽並加入下列 dll
            browse and add following dll:


C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Connector Net 6.8.3\Assemblies\v4.5 (32bit windows)
C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Connector Net 6.8.3\Assemblies\v4.5 (64bit windows)

Step 7. 點選 View -> Sever Explorer, 右鍵點選 Data connections, 點選Add connection..
            Click View -> Sever Explorer, right click Data connections, Click Add connection..

Step 8. 點選Change...
            Click Change...

Step 9. 選擇 MySQL Database, 點選OK
            Select MySQL Database, Click OK

Step 10. 輸入Sever name, User name ,Password, and database name.
              Enter Sever name, User name ,Password, and database name

Step 11. 右鍵點選Model 資料夾 -> Add -> New Item
              Right click Model folder -> Add -> New Item

Step 12. 選擇 Data -> ADO.NET Entity Data Model, 點選 add
              Select Data -> ADO.NET Entity Data Model, Click add

Step 13. 選擇 EF Desginer from database, 點選Next...
              Select EF Desginer from database, Click Next...

Step 14. 選擇connection, 點選 Next...
              Select conntecion, Click Next....

Step 15. 選擇需要載入的table, 點選 Finish.
              Check tabkes, click Finish.      




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